Betterly helps organizations measure and improve employee wellbeing and performance.

Wellbeing leads to performance.

Employees with higher levels of wellbeing have been found to learn more effectively, be more creative, have better relationships, feel more satisfied in their jobs and perform better.

Wellbeing is the ability to feel good and function effectively.

Wellbeing is the ability to feel good and function effectively so that employees can achieve the goals that matter most to your organization.

Focus on measuring & improving what really matters.

Measure and build strengths across 8 key strengths of wellbeing and not just sense of wellbeing.


Employee gets a scratch card with a unique anonymous access code and spends less than 5 minutes responding to the Betterly Strengths© Assessment.


After employee has completed the survey, he or she gets personalised wellbeing report and development plan.


Employee receives various practical and evidence-based exercises he or she can easily work into day-to-day life and get the resources needed to have a real impact on wellbeing.

Step 4

Employee gets unlimited access to a qualified wellbeing coach, who will stay just a text away to help employee build strengths and apply them in tough times.

Step 5

After employees complete the assessment, the organization’s leadership gets an organization level employee wellbeing report.

Build for Employers

Betterly fits into strategy if you are a start-up with just a handful of employees or a global corporation with few hundred thousand employees.

The Science

A huge body of research on wellbeing by hundreds of researchers across the world can be summarised in eight specific strengths that contribute to wellbeing.

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Stress is an acute problem at Indian workplaces which affects both top bosses and the bottom rung.

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Some of the country’s leading psychologists backed by diverse leaders, technologists, advisers and investors.

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